Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000

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       These are Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000

Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000

Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000….Whirlpool has been a standout amongst other brands in Fridges from most recent 2 decades. They have been delivering Fridge with first rate quality and execution. Indeed, even at a cost of 10000, you will see that Whirlpool has given great form quality and the ice chest is extremely tough. Also, you get some pleasant highlights too. How about we go over them.

Whirlpool “WDE Gray” with 190 Ltr limit and 3 star BEE vitality rating that makes it a triumphant item. Joined with remarkable highlights, for example, strong recessed handle, 2 racks (wire), ice plate, huge cooler, and expansive crisper for putting away vast number of foods grown from the ground. It has adequate space permitting agreeable capacity of vast and little uses including upto three jug of 2 Ltr.  

  • Specification
  • 1 year on item and 5 years on Compressor
  • 9 hours cooling maintenance amid control cuts
  • Uncommon features:Stabilizer Free Operation,Manual Defrosting,Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket
  • Max Bottle Storage - 2 committed entryway racks chill up to three 2L-jugs and five 1L-bottles
  • Different highlights: Extra Large, Extra Cold Freezer,Large Vegetable Crisper,Door Lock2 Ice Trays

  • Cyclopentane Insulation - Whirlpool fridges are eco-accommodating and utilize another; greater condition well disposed protection material called cyclopentane that does not contain destructive hydro-fluorocarbons and results in critical decreases in CO2 discharges


Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator 

Bring home the LG 190 L Direct Cool single-entryway Refrigerator and keep your sustenance new and chilled for long. Outfitted with the Moist Balance Crisper and Antibacterial Gasket, this sun oriented keen cooler aides in keeping your nourishment new and sound for quite a long time.

LG’s New Smart Inverter Compressor is a standout amongst the most developed and vitality effective compressor. Intended to give unmatched execution, awesome investment funds and super quiet activity, the New Smart Inverter Compressor is yet another magnificent development for your benefit. In the event that you have an inverter for control cuts, we have an answer for keep your cooler running, relentless! Keen Connect Technology is another element in LG Direct Cool scope of fridge that associates your icebox to home inverter. Appreciate cooling even in control cuts.

  • Specification
  • Smart Inverter
  • Limit 190 L: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 individuals
  • Coordinate Cool : Economical, expends less power, requires manual defrosting
  • Likewise incorporated into the container: User manual, Warranty card
  • Base Stand with Drawer : For storing items that don't need cooling (Onion, Potato etc.
  • Warranty: 1 year Warranty on item ; 10 years guarantee on compressor


Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000Haier 170L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

In Haier 170L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator has Diamond edge freezing innovation guarantee that the ice development stays firm and guarantees better cooling productivity in the fridge. The rock solid Compressor verifies that you never spend a solitary penny in purchasing a different stabilizer. It ranges from 135-290 volts. Presently get assured 5 years warranty on the compressor. 100% dependable guarantee than some other rival in a similar class…Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000..


  • Specification
  • Hostile to Fungal Gasket
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • High Capacity
  • Limit 170 L: Suitable for single men
  • Proficient Operation
  • Shelf Type: Wired shelves


Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000      Samsung 192L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Its stabilizer free activity implies it works consistently and dependably and averts electrical harm or shorting if there are any voltage vacillations. On the off chance that it increments a lot of it consequently cuts the power. Stabilizer unfenced may shift model to show has toughened glass retires that are outlined and tried to hold a weight of up to 150kg securely. So even huge vegetables, similar to marrows or dishes arranged in overwhelming pots and skillet can be kept cool and new….Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000….


  • Specification


  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Base Drawer
  • Capacity 192 L: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on product ; 9 years warranty on compressor
  • Energy Rating: 2 Star
  • Direct Cool : Economical, consumes less electricity, requires manual defrosting

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